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SingaporeWica.Insure was created to assist SME owners and managers in

understanding wica insurance plans from insurers in the market today, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.

In addition to serving the business community, our useful tips and content are also applicable to

your business.

We are not representing nor tied to any insurers.

At SingaporeWica.Insure, we connect you to licensed representatives who can advise you on wica insurance and or commercial insurance and get quotes from multiple insurers in Singapore.

Who We Work With

SingaporeWica.Insure is an educational website created by a group of people. They are as follows:


They conduct research on topics and create relevant content in an easy-to-understand format.

Broker / Advisors

SingaporeWica.Insure works with licensed and qualified advisors. They make certain that the information is correct and up to date. With real-world industry experience.

Send us a message if you need to meet with one of the helpful advisors by appointment or phone!

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