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Singapore SME with 4 employees
Non-manual Worker - 1 pax,
estimated annual earning SGD 30K
Manual Worker - 3 pax,
estimated annual combined earning SGD 90K
Industry / Business Type
Annual Premium
Business & Management Consultancy Services

SGD 297


SGD 453

Carpenters & Woodworkers

SGD 1,728

The example is used for illustrative purposes only. It is not indicative of any insurer's quote.


Get the answers to frequently asked questions concerning work injury compensation insurance

What is WICA 2019?

Under WICA 2019 , an employee can claim compensation from his employer if he suffers from an injury (which includes medical condition) or occupational disease due to his work.

As an employer, you are liable to compensate your injured employee, regardless of who was at fault even if your employee no longer works for you after the work related accident.

Is wica insurance compulsory and mandatory?

Manual work employees, and this is regardless of their salary level.

Non-manual employee who are earning at or below the salary threshold of SGD2,600 on and after 1 April 2021. This is applicable to both local and foreign employees.

Who is covered under wica?

All employees who are engaged under a "contract of service" or "contract of apprenticeship" with an employer, regardless of salary level.

Who is not covered under wica?

Uniformed personnel - members of the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force, Singapore civil Defence Force,

Central Narcotics Bureau and Singapore Prison Service, Self-employed person or independent contractor, domestic worker.

How much is wica insurance premium?

The estimated cost and premium can only be calculated after you contact the partnered licensed representatives. It depends based on number of factors e.g. the employee risk level, salaries, company history of work injury compensation claims.

Should I buy wica insurance for all of my employees?

The work injury compensation act 2019 covers all employees regardless of their level of earnings. Whilst insurance is not compulsory under the Act for employees involved in non-manual work with salary above $2600, employers will still be required to pay compensation in the event of a valid claim.

I have received the IPA (In-Principle Approval) from MOM for the new workers. How to get WICA Insurance, Foreign worker medical insurance (FWMI) and Security bond?

Get in touch now and Someone will contact you within a day.

Is there underwriting for the wica insurance policy?

Yes, a declaration form is to be completed.

What are the common names of WICA insurance?

Workmen compensation insurance, worker insurance, workers compensation insurance.

Is wica insurance available from every insurer in Singapore?

Only designated insurers.

When is the best time to get some advice on wica insurance ?

It is best to get in touch as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until the current policy's renewal date.


I have Foreign Worker Medical Insurance (FWMI), that should be sufficient.

I purchased a policy that listed my employees' occupations as general workers. They are, however, required to drive at times. It should be alright.

I already have a group personal accident and health policy in place, which should be sufficient to compensate my employee who was injured at work. It should be alright.


WICA and FWMI are not substitutes for each other and having one does not exempt you from getting the other.

The declaration for your insurance policy has to be accurate and include all job function of the employee.

Group health and personal accident insurance policies are not designed to cover work-related accidents.

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